Saturday, June 11, 2011

Before and After: Brittney (me)

Blonde to Red
I am going to start posting Before/After photos of choice work from WoW. For a while I have been wanting to be a redhead. When I was little my hair went from strawberry blonde to white-blonde to golden blonde then ash. Since I knew I could pull it off from having been it as a child, I went for it!


It totally works! and I love it. Thanks to Becki Reeves at Wilsons on Washington for doing all the hard work for me!


  1. Wow!! You have a blog! I love it. What a fun concept too. I'll be following for sure. Levi and I were discussing how I'd love for you to be my hair stylist. I'm going a powdery light blush pink at the end of summer!!!

  2. Thanks! You should absolutely go for the fun color! I would, of course, love to be your stylist. Someday when we live on an island on the sun...

  3. *in the sun. My iPhone keeps making words.